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  • Marthe Sees

Mob Creativity

Sometimes you wonder what happens when you are in a crowd? You come back home from a workshop, a festival, a party, a football game, or a group-project and you feel oddly disconnected from yourself. You ook back on your group behaviour and you wonder what happened with you. You lost track of whom you are and fell into the high of the herd. You felt powerful and less occupied by your daily concerns. Even your deeply held values can disappear within a micro second. Other times the herd does not take you down but lifts you up. New horizons are possible. A new creativity is ignited. Great historical transformations happen in clusters of creative minds.


Imagine your mind as a starling. When you are by yourself you can decide where you go and what you do, at the same time you have to keep an eye on your surroundings and especially on possible predators. In a flock you can let go of your guard. As you follow the starlings left en right of you there is nothing to worry about. You loose your anxiety about your wellbeing and can simply fly high!

Our mind's work in similar ways. Being part of a group de-activates a part of our brain that is concerned with our little self. We navigate what the people left and right to us think and we think similarly. That is how people in mobs can loose a sense of personal responsibility and fear for self preservation. Cities were burned down by less. But simultaneously, when we loose this self inhibition, are thinking is less prohibited, creative transformations are more possible than ever.

Mobs can destroy individual creativity as it entices us to conform to the group, simultaneously clusters can free our creativity.

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